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Coach Keisha Howard Gaddis

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“The decisions teen girls make today,
lay the foundation for their futures tomorrow.”

~ Keisha Howard Gaddis, The Leading Teen Girl Expert

What you don’t know…
could be hurting your daughter.

  • What if you could go to sleep at night and not worry about what your daughter is doing on social media, the friends that she is choosing, or the decisions that she is making?
  • How would it feel if you were able to have heartfelt communication with her?
  • Imagine your daughter truly loving herself, knowing her strengths, taking steps towards her goals, and being genuinely joyful as she journeys to live her best life…

Being a young woman in today’s generation is tough.

But, being a parent of a young woman is even tougher.

How can you be sure your daughter is okay, when every time you try to talk to her you get a slammed door, rolling eyes, or she just shuts down and says, “You don’t understand”?

Put yourself in your daughter’s shoes for a moment; remember what it was like to be a pre-teen or teenage girl? On the inside you were struggling with uncertainty, identity, blasting hormones, and wavering self-confidence. The last person you wanted to talk to was your mom! Right?

While being a girl has never been easy; let me tell you this:

Your daughter is dealing with so much more than you did.

Why is that?

Well, beyond the media’s constant pressure to be thin, the social acceptance of “hooking up”, the frequent friendship roller coasters, and the popularity of bullying…

The internet never stops!

It’s the new playground for bullies and sex. Instead of meeting at the bike racks, now bullies are there every time your daughter opens her laptop or turns on her phone (that’s if she ever turns it off), and sexual messages are scattered throughout every website and social media platform that she visits.  Everyday! 

All of these cultural pressures can affect her self-esteem, self-worth, and her decision making.

As her mom, you feel responsible; you find yourself worrying about her as you lay in bed wondering:

“Is she okay?”

“What is she really doing when I’m not around?”

“Why doesn’t she seem like that happy little girl she used to be?”

“I think there is something going on, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

And that’s why I’m here – I’ve got your back!

Life Coaching is a proactive, preventative approach to equipping your daughter with the most important life-skills that she needs now, rather than trying to “fix” something later. 

Let’s work together to build her up now, so that she doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Dear Girls

Dear Moms

Dear Schools, Churches & Conferences

Prevention & Support from a Teen Girl Expert, Coach, & Mentor is Essential

I strongly believe that Every Champion Has a Coach. For example, those who excel in basketball, track & field, and cheerleading have a Coach guiding them along the way, cheering them on, offering support and strategies so that they can achieve their goals.

But, life is not a sport.  Life is a beautiful gift that comes with ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs.   Every girl deserves to be the champion of her own life, and she deserves a Coach & Mentor who she can trust and confide in, someone who can help her define who she is and what she really wants for her life, and someone who can help her overcome life’s challenges.   I also believe every mom deserves peace of mind, knowing that she can have faith that her daughter is making healthy choices, pursuing her goals, and knowing that she is on the path to living her very best life.

I’m your accountability partner, encourager, and motivator who provides education on the hot topics affecting teen girls today.

You can learn more about the benefits of working with me here. I provide transformational Life Coaching & Mentorship services – for girls ages 11-22 and their Mothers, and I also LOVE speaking at schools, churches, colleges, and conferences on topics related to educating & empowering today’s generation of girls.

You are not alone, let’s empower her & build your relationship together.

NOW is the perfect time to build the relationship that will empower you both, FOREVER!

I know that beneath all the turbulence and uncertainty that the teen years bring, our girls are rocking, and I have a gift for helping them to shine. Let’s give them tools and strategies that lift them up now, so they can become the extraordinary leaders they are destined to be.

Stefanie Toppel “My daughter recently enjoyed a successful year of coaching with Keisha.  We both enjoyed Keisha’s upbeat, enthusiastic and compassionate personality – she has a true knack for connecting with tweens and teens.  I would often hear my daughter giggling during their weekly one-on-one Skype sessions.  Keisha’s focus on the positive and mentoring approach helped my daughter step outside of her comfort zone and reach out to others.  With Keisha’s help, we are now more successfully navigating the turbulent waters of the middle school years.”

– Stefanie T.

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