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Interested in seeing how coaching & mentorship can benefit you and your daughter?

Please complete the application for a complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Call below. During this call you will gain support & strategies and also find out which transformational Coaching program will benefit you and your daughter.

…Because your daughter deserves a break from her current challenges, and you deserve a breakthrough!


Here’s what we’ll cover in your 45 minute complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Call {a $150 Value}:

  • We’ll troubleshoot what is keeping your daughter from her next level of school and life success, and create a clear plan that details the steps needed for her to start living her best life right now.
  • You’ll discover what it takes to build your daughter’s confidence and esteem, and help her navigate through the pressures of today while creating a bond that will empower you both FOREVER.
  • We’ll discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you and your daughter’s communication and your connection.
  • You will learn key areas where you and your daughter may be giving away your power, and identify steps you both can take to own your self-esteem and self- worth with confidence.
  • You’ll leave the call inspired with the one simple step you can take to see immediate results.
  • Together, we’ll find out if we’re a good match to work together and if you and your daughter qualify for one of my coaching programs.

The decisions teen girls make today,
lay the foundation for their futures tomorrow.

Stefanie Toppel “My daughter recently enjoyed a successful year of coaching with Keisha.  We both enjoyed Keisha’s upbeat, enthusiastic and compassionate personality – she has a true knack for connecting with tweens and teens.  I would often hear my daughter giggling during their weekly one-on-one Skype sessions.  Keisha’s focus on the positive and mentoring approach helped my daughter step outside of her comfort zone and reach out to others.  With Keisha’s help, we are now more successfully navigating the turbulent waters of the middle school years.”

– Stefanie T.

Private Coaching & Mentorship with me would be a good fit for you if:

  • You are a high-achieving, proactive mother who wants to see her daughter resist the cultural pressures of today with confidence, and gain leadership skills to succeed in life.
  • You want to worry less and gain more peace of mind by knowing that your daughter is on the right path and you have the support of a Teen Girl Expert to help you guide her.
  • You want to experience more communication, a deeper connection, and a better understanding of your daughter resulting in a bond that lasts forever.

 Private Coaching & Mentorship with me would NOT be a good fit if you:

  • Do not have the time, energy, or financial resources to invest in you and your daughter’s personal growth and success right now.
  • Only want free strategies and advice.

Deloria Mccarty“I enrolled my 16 year old daughter in sessions with Coach Keisha, and I’m so glad I did! I am so glad we found Coach Keisha because it allowed my teenager an out to discuss openly about things that are not so easy to talk to a parent about. This is the type of learning and coaching that my daughter can take and use for the rest of her life! Confidence is a quality not everyone has and I really like that aspect of Coach Keisha’s sessions! We will be attending more sessions as well as including my younger daughter the next go around! We are excited about it! “

–Deloria McCarty

Your first step is to complete the application for a complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Call. In our private and confidential phone conversation, we will uncover what is holding you and your daughter back and determine what your next best steps are to move you forward.

In this session, you can ask questions and get to know me better and it will allow me to see if you qualify for one of my programs as a potential client.

*Breakthrough Discovery Sessions are on a limited time basis and reserved only for Moms who are seriously considering working with me. To be fair, I will only be able to gift sessions to those I think I can truly help, based on your answers to the questions in the application.


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What have you tried that didn't work?

If you were given proven strategies to fully supporting your daughter's success in both school & life, how valuable would that be for you?

How willing and able are you to invest the time, energy, and financial resources to gain support for your daughter's positive growth right now?

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