Coach Keisha Press Kit

The following items are a great way to make sure your organization has everything it needs to be prepared to have Coach Keisha come speak.

Media Kit (print) 

Media Kit (web)

Speaker One Sheet (print)

Speaker One Sheet (web)

Coaching & Speaking Brochure (print)

Coaching & Speaking Brochure (web)

Professional Biography

Dear Schools, Churches, & Conferences

Book Coach Keisha

Event Items

Having Coach Keisha out to speak? These items will ensure your group is good to go when the time comes.

Event Introduction Script – Please use this script to introduce Coach Keisha at your event.

Photo & Video Waiver – If your organization does not already have a photo/video waiver in place, please print, distribute, and then collect this waiver from your participants.



The following are Coach Keisha’s  headshots that are available for official use for media/press or web mentions related to her speaking or coaching events. Please attribute “Coach Keisha Howard Gaddis of” when using the photos.

To view, click on the image. To download, right click on the open image and save as.“Coach Keisha is a dynamic speaker who has a way of captivating and motivating her young audience.  Her approach on sharing the importance of SELF- preservation, HIGH-standards and morality is needed in our communities. Most importantly, students walk away with the tools needed to help them confront high stakes social situations, such as bullying, smoking, drinking, drugs, eating disorders etc., as well as other personal obstacles. Her audience is not limited to only young ladies as students of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from hearing her powerful message.

– Adriana Fletes, Prosper ISD

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