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Keisha Howards Speaking

As a coach, mentor, author and motivational speaker, Coach Keisha is The Queen of Empowering Teens, young women, and their mothers who devote their lives to raising them.

Keisha has a special way of connecting with girls that empowers them to want to excel in school and in life; many call her “The Girl Whisperer.”

Keisha experienced her own teen struggles. As a girl, she was brought up as a beauty queen and won many pageants and modeling competitions. However, during her teen years the glitter and glam turned into insecurity and doubt as she was bullied and experienced major body image issues, resulting in broken self-confidence. Keisha started looking for attention in places that left her feeling empty.

Because of this experience, she truly understands not only what today’s girls are feeling on the inside, but also what they’re dealing with on the outside.

Overcoming many obstacles, Keisha eventually became both a Teacher and a School Guidance Counselor. Through her work in the school systems, she gained an insider’s view to the issues that our girls face today. Her deep care and empathy for these girls led to Keisha becoming a Certified Life Coach for young women ages 11 to 22.

She soon realized that although life was hard for girls, it seemed to be even tougher for moms! Following an increasing number of requests for support from moms across the nation, Keisha soon started coaching mothers and delivering inspiring messages at events just for parents.

Coach Keisha In Action Speaking

Student Programs

Empower Your Life for Tweens & Teens (For Middle & High School Student Events)

Boys! Beauty! Body! Grades! Rumors! Bullies! Sex! Texting! The Internet! Pressures!

Being a teen girl is tough, and Coach Keisha gets it! Having struggled with a poor self-image during most of her teenage years, she is passionate about the life-changing results she experienced in her own life. Coach Keisha is on a mission to impart positive self-esteem and social skills to young girls everywhere! Her speaking presentations have been known to improve school climate, increase self-esteem, and improve school performance.

Common Motivational Speaking / Workshop topics for Tweens & Teens:

  • Self-Esteem / Body Image / Media Madness / Inner-beauty Appreciation
  • Bullying / Drama / Conflict Resolution / Friendship Dynamics / Competition
  • Boys / Sex / Setting Boundaries / Break-ups / Smart Social Media Usage
  • Dealing with Pressure (Peer, Academic, Familial) / Stress Management / Handling Transitions
  • Exploring Character, Morals, Values / Self-worth / Leadership

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Confidence, Character & Class (For College Prep and College Aged Student Events)

Going to college is a confusing transition. Gone are the days of being dependent on your parents to make decisions for you. College is a time to discover one’s own independence. Unfortunately, along with independence comes confusion and pressure; even managing your time successfully can be a struggle. Then comes the body-image issues, partying, viral internet bullying & sexual messages, competition, and the ability to stay committed to your future; how do you keep your composure during a time of such change? Coach Keisha gives girls proven tools to stay on track. These young women will be poised to create their own dreams, armed with the Confidence, Character, and Class required to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market.

Common Motivational Speaking / Workshop topics for Young Adults:

  • Building Strong Self Confidence/ Body Image
  • Direction and Goal Setting/ Time Management
  • Etiquette (Social & Professional) / Job Interview Skills / Public Speaking Skills
  • Stress /Competition / Comparing
  • Life Transitions / Growing Up & Developing Independence
  • Leadership Development

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Events for Parents

Survive and Thrive with your Teen Daughter

What’s tougher than being a teen girl? Being a teen girl’s mother, of course! One thing we know for sure is that mothers love their daughters more than anything. But, what can you do when your daughter won’t talk to you about anything? She’s always on social media, her friends have changed, and sometimes it feels like she’s not telling you everything. All too often, Moms feel like they’re walking on eggshells in their own home; that constant worrying about where your daughter is, what she’s really doing, and who she’s meeting online keeps you up all night. You can’t help but wonder if she is depressed—or maybe it’s you that’s depressed! Guilt, anger, and worry can be constant companions for moms with teenage daughters. At these events, Coach Keisha empowers moms with knowledge and education on the latest hot topics, lingo, trends, and signs to look for in the girls of today.

Common motivational speaking /workshop topics for parents are:

  • Understanding what it’s like to be in a girl in today’s world
  • Understanding Social Media Platforms and how girls are affected by them
  • Understanding Media Madness/Celebrity Worship and how it affects girls
  • Understanding Body Image/ Self-esteem issues
  • Understanding tween/teen developmental issues
  • Do’s and don’ts on approaching your daughter
  • Rebuilding a loving, connected, and honest relationship
  • Setting boundaries and respecting one another

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Regina R. Williams,  Fort Worth ISD Coach Keisha was exactly what we were looking for in a guest speaker for our annual girls conference!  Her ability to connect to a room was effortless.  Her message was relatable, relevant and easy for the girls to identify with!  We look forward to having her back!

– Regina R. Williams,  Fort Worth ISD 

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Partial List of Coach Keisha’s Speaking Experience

  • Dallas County Community Colleges
  • Girl Scouts
  • Dallas ISD
  • Girls Inc.
  • K104.5 FM
  • Sears
  • Miss TX USA
  • VIP Parents Inc.
  • Garland ISD
  • St. Anthony School
  • The Dallas Country Club
  • The Stonebriar Country Club
  • We Are Strong Girls, Inc.
  • Prosper ISD
  • Alvarado ISD
  • Ft. Worth ISD
  • Sunray ISD
  • Fusion Academy
  • TX School Counselors’ Conference
  • PTA
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Jack N Jill
  • St. Philips School and Community Center
  • Rae’s Hope
  • Circle of Support Inc.
  • Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
  • Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
  • Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
  • City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department
  • Gemstones Young Girls Enrichment Program
  • Sacred Heart University
  • Arizona Mohave County Probation Department
  • Mental Health America Adolescent Symposium“Coach Keisha is a dynamic speaker who has a way of captivating and motivating her young audience.  Her approach on sharing the importance of SELF- preservation, HIGH-standards and morality is needed in our communities. Most importantly, students walk away with the tools needed to help them confront high stakes social situations, such as bullying, smoking, drinking, drugs, eating disorders etc., as well as other personal obstacles. Her audience is not limited to only young ladies as students of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from hearing her powerful message.

– Adriana Fletes, Prosper ISD

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