Today we live in a very digitally driven world.  Technology can be used for both good and bad reasons, and unfortunately technology has enabled adult-like topics to be more easily accessible by our children.   Now-a-days, girls are learning about sex at younger and younger ages due to the information that is readily available online.  It’s important that parents are having educational sex talks with their children to make sure that they are safe, well-informed, and to guard them against misinformation that they might hear from their peers.

Click on this video above to check out an interview where I shared some tips on talking to your daughters about sex, staying safe on social media, and how all of this affects her self-esteem.  I also shared some tips on just communicating with teen girls in general, and some dangerous apps that she should stay away from.

This video was a part of an amazing educational video series that Anya Manes organized.  If you’d like to find out more about Anya, including her parent education services, or to download more of the videos from this video series, please click here.

To download the FREE guide mentioned in the video, “10 Dangerous Apps You Don’t Know Your Daughter is Using”, click here. 


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